Our Mission

The NAVAN AUTOPRO mission statement is: Reduce stress and costly breakdowns, and save our customers time and money.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to our customers, our mission statement can be seen just about everywhere in our auto centre. Most competitors don’t even have one. The ones that do are likely to have it posted next to the water cooler. Not at NAVAN AUTOPRO! Our mission is clear, simple, easy to remember and placed where everyone can see it!

To fulfil our mission, we provide the following solutions:

  • Book your next appointment that fits your time schedule
  • Perform inspections for safety and maintenance on every vehicle, every time
  • No surprises! Never proceed with any maintenance or repair work without the customer’s approval
  • No surprises! Never present an invoice that is larger than the most up to date estimate
  • Advise customers of all manufacturer recommended services
  • Provide new warranty inspections and online search for all manufacturer recalls
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians to accurately solve the toughest problems
  • Source and provide parts that take into account quality, price and availability
  • Provide and support responsible environmental practices
  • Provide a personalized, competitive and renewable warranty (1 year or 20,000 km)

These principles are the foundation for the professional and quality service that Jamie Mulroney and his team provide for all their customers and their friends and family. To create its mission statement, NAVAN AUTOPRO surveyed its customers and combined their opinions with market research.

The most important aspect of the service promise is ‘No Surprises!’ Time and time again, customers say that other auto centres have performed services they never asked for, that they paid more than what they thought the fair price was, or what the original estimate was. NAVAN AUTOPRO has completely eliminated these types of situations: come in and find out for yourself! If ever this situation arises at NAVAN AUTOPRO, we will correct it immediately and give you a little something for helping us keep our promise. But good luck, we are very good at keeping our promises.