Transmission Flushes

When it comes to transmission flushes, it is wise to consult the manufacturer owner’s manual and follow the guidelines outlined within. Often, a technician’s advice will be to perform more frequent flushes due to the condition of the fluid caused by wear, driving habits and weather. If the manufacturer recommends a transmission flush, it is probably advisable to have the service carried out. However, it is true that not all manufacturers recommend this service at frequent intervals. It is not uncommon for flushes to be performed only every 48,000 km or sooner. Be very careful when taking your automobile to a quick oil change or lube service station. These types of shops might be quick to recommend a transmission flush, when in fact they are only performing a fluid exchange. A fluid exchange only replaces the fluid. A fluid flush uses a chemical or solvent and a conditioning additive to clean the components before exchanging the fluid. This cleans dirt and debris and improves the capacity of the fluid to lubricate the transmission properly.