Exclusively for Women

At NAVAN AUTOPRO, we realise that women might be apprehensive about dealing with their auto service provider. We know that this has been a concern for many women across Canada. NAVAN AUTOPRO believes in integrity, honesty and excellence in service. That is why we created a program designed exclusively for women who own cars and trucks.

NAVAN AUTOPRO strives at cater to women because generally they have a more holistic perspective of vehicle maintenance. We truly enjoy dealing with our women customers because they actually listen to the advice we give. Women are open minded, inquisitive and strive to know the details of why services are recommended. Because they want to know, this most often leads to better vehicle maintenance.

Although this program is available to all our customers, it is actually tailored to women vehicle owners. First, we start with our customer commitment: our mission statement, which is the foundation of our entire company. We listen to what you have to say, because most of the information you will share with us is crucial for diagnosing and performing the services required. After documenting everything in our system, we will consult with our technicians on what work needs to be done. Only our technicians can recommend services, as our service consultants are not trained experts. Once our technicians have inspected, diagnosed and/or performed the authorized service, a service consultant will make an estimate that takes into account quality, price and availability.

We promise to never perform any additional work without prior approval from you. Our job is to identify services before the components fail completely. By doing so, we can predict what costs will be incurred at future services, if necessary. We inform and educate you by recommending a course of action, a timeline for that service to be performed. You will then be able to make an informed decision.